English Language Learning

Program Description

Improve your use, understanding, and mastery of the English language through a variety of resources from self-paced, online resources like BurlingtonEnglish or Voxy, to more traditional classes through our partners at Lake Tahoe Community College. Like all services and supports, our staff will help you determine the best fit for you.

Burlington English

Self-paced, independent study options at multiple skill levels. 

Click here or on the BurlingtonEnglish logo to learn more about this program.


Like BurlingtonEnglish, EnGen offers a variety of self-paced, independent study options. In addition, they also have almost 200 30-minute, small group lessons available from “live” instructors available throughout the learning day. Click here or on the EnGen logo to explore their website. 

LTCC Courses

The ESL Department at LTCC provides a student-centered, comprehensive program for anyone looking to improve their English language skills. Courses are offered in a variety of skill levels, ranging from Low Beginning through Advanced and include:

  • ESL Pronunciation
  • ESL Conversation
  • ESL Writing
  • US Citizenship 


Click here or on the LTCC logo to learn more about their specific programs and courses.



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